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Do you love travel adventures? Do you love affordable unique goods? Me too. During my travels, I often found myself in shops with locally made goods. Over time, my eye went from jewelry and jams to locally made soaps. No ordinary plain bars, these were beautifully designed and made with simple ingredients. Each one was usable art and an affordable luxury. I purchased and set aside some of these with the thought that one day I would learn to make soaps like these. That day came when I retired from my technical writing career in 2013. After making the first batch, I was hooked and making soaps became my great joy.


Eventually I developed my skills enough to start So and Soap. To keep the making joyous and creative, I decided to make small batches of soaps and other bath and body goods (that are crafted, not manufactured) and sell them through my online store, at local crafts shows, and directly from my home studio. In honor of the travels that inspired my soaps, many of them come with a little travel related story on the label. Shop all of my products at the So and Soap online store.

So and Soap Owner and Soap Designer
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