Impudent Soap for Adventurous Folks

I design quality soaps to inspire

your impudent sense of adventure

Impudent: Bold, sassy, or cheeky.

After I retired from my technical writing career in 2013, I took a class in soap making and I was immediately hooked! Making soap is my passion and every bar I make is filled with the joy I feel to be able to practice this craft and provide you with interesting, quality soaps. I've traveled to many places, and the designs and colors of each place and local ingredients inspired my soap designs. Take a minute to read the descriptions of each soap in my online store, on this site's Travel Inspirations pages, and on the soap package labels. Most of them mention a place in the world and the mood the soap evokes. The rest describe something related to the soap's design or ingredients.

For example: 

"It's hard to believe that Papa Hemingway's place and Truman's vacation White House are both in this town. When it gets be too much to take in, head down to the aqua and green waters of Smather's Beach and sip a citrusy drink. The spirit of Key West, captured here in a soap."

Impudently yours,

Jill Holdaway

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