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Some of my customers purchase So and Soaps from a table at one of my craft shows or from the shelves in my home studio. Others buy them from direct links in the So and Soap newsletters or from a link in this site or in social media. So, some customers have never checked out the So and Soap online store. If that's you, take a few minutes to explore the store!

Since an online store can't give you the experience of smelling product fragrances, I rely on product colors to guide your browsing. From this store, you can browse an array of products in a favorite color or match the color schemes of your bathroom or kitchen. If you're putting together a gift box for a friend you can, for example, put together a color-themed collection of soap, bath bomb, and lip balm. Here's an example of the Lavender Collection "aisle" of the online store.

Items from the Brights Collection add pizazz to your soap dish and make fun gifts. Here's an example of the Brights Collection.

Currently, the color collections also include Pink, Blue, Green, Warm Colors, and Neutrals. There are other "aisles" Hair Products, Lotion Bars and Lockets, and Soap Holders.

Making Purchases From the Store

Selecting items and checking out is easy peasy and similar to most online stores. In most cases, the description for each product includes ingredients, approximate weight, dimensions, and fragrance. For each soap, you'll also find a related travel themed story.

  1. For each item you add to your cart, select a Quantity. From here you can choose to pay with Apple Pay or GPay. To pay with a credit card, click Add to Cart.

  2. Click Checkout when you're ready to pay for your selections by credit card or click Continue Shopping to add more items.

  3. On the Secure Checkout page, enter your email address, name, and street address. Note your Order Summary on the same page. Click Next.

  4. The Shipping Method is calculated for you and is based on the total amount of your order. As of November 2019: $3.00 to $6.00 - $5.00 $7.00 to $28.00 - $7.00 $28.00 to $56.00 - $14.00

  5. If paying by credit card, enter the card information.

  6. Uncheck Same as Shipping Address if the Billing Address differs from the Shipping Address. Then enter the Shipping Address.

  7. Check that all of the information is correct and click Complete Order to submit your order. You will receive an email confirming your purchase.

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