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You Don't Need a Tub to Use a Bath Bomb!

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Bath bombs

At crafts fairs some shoppers wistfully eye my bath bombs and say "I'd like to get one for myself but I don't have a bath tub." Lament no more shoppers. Guess what? You can use a bath bomb in a shower. Just place it in a corner of the shower floor and let the steam and water waft up the fragrance to you. If you are able to place a bomb out of the direct stream of water it may last for additional showers.

Another tip for those who don't have a bath tub: foot baths! If you have a small plastic tub big enough for your feet, fill the tub with warm water, break off some pieces of the bomb, toss them in, and soak those feet. Ah-h-h!

Sometimes bath bombs that are flat are called shower steamers. They usually have the same ingredients, but may contain less oil. Here are two examples of flat bath bombs/shower steamers I made a few years back.

Ready to see one of my bath bombs in fizzy action?

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